Classroom Aquatic Download

Entry Classroom Aquatic Download

The following variant of avantgarde simulators, which is a debut production of the essential masterpiece Sunken Places, invented from the goggles of virtual existence. Classroom Aquatic PC plus PS4 is guaranteed to the lenses of abstract reality (PlayStation VR, Oculus Rift) from the mini ambitious Sunken Places. The title is the governor of the likes of I Am Bread simulators, Job Simulator or Goat Simulator. In present casus we have at least to create with … education.

Classroom Aquatic Download

Mechanics Classroom Aquatic

It is true that Classroom Aquatic on PC and PS4 is not a typical training program for children, who through various types of mini games learn colors, shapes, solve simple tasks, etc., but the fact is that the production action takes place at school, and our task is download. Players take on the role of a diver, who as part of the inter-school exchange went to the underwater world of dolphins. As we all know, these animals are very intelligent, so the next classes do not cause them any major problems, but the situation is completely different in our case. In order not to go out into the mental malaise, we must stealthily look into the tests of our colleagues sitting nearby and answer the answers. During downloading, however, one should be very careful not to see the teacher, and in addition we can not get too intrusive from the dolphins, because they can scourge us.

Technical issues Classroom

The Classroom Aquatic action on PC and PS4 is seen from the perspective of the first person, and the graphic design was carried out in a cartoon, funny style. Production does not look dazzling, but the adopted convention makes the game easy to forgive a lot of shortcomings.

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